Marvel most popular heroes

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marvel most popular heroes

1 overall spot as Marvel's favorite character, claiming the top spot in states like as Ranker says that they opened up the poll to include Marvel characters. You asked for it and now you've got it! The complete Top Greatest Marvel Comics Characters of All-Time, as voted on by YOU!. A list of the top marvel superhero character of all time. Rogue from the X-MenSilver Surfer from the Fantastic Four seriesand the wildly popular Deadpool found their way into the overall Top 10… the last one probably helped by his successful comedy film from earlier this year. Related The Vulture Almost Had A Totally Different Story In Spider-Man: Daredevil — points 58 first place votes. He's the kid on the team that may not have had the greatest all around attributes, but he had the biggest heart and could manufacture more determination than anyone. Venom Sams town casino Brock — points 4 first place votes. marvel most popular heroes


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