Metropolis means

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metropolis means

metropolis meaning, definition, what is metropolis: a very large city, often the most important city in a large area or country. Learn more. The noun metropolis comes from the Greek roots mētēr, meaning "mother," and pólis, meaning "city." Historically, the word referred to the founding city-state of a. What does the word metropolis mean? Find and lookup the definition, synonyms, and antonyms of the word metropolis in our free online dictionary!. There are 8 metropolis in the UAE: Eleven metropolitan regions have been defined due to these indicators: Alexander Wang Sell Metropolis means Style At Balenciaga? Please upgrade to a newer version of Internet Explorer or use another browser when visiting this site. The plural of the word is most commonly metropolises[2] although the correct plural is "metropoles", Latin from the Greek "Metropoleis" Greek: There are 30 metropolitan municipalities in Turkey .


metropolis means


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