Best fountain pen ink brands

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best fountain pen ink brands

Pilot Iroshizuku Bottled Fountain Pen Ink, Take-Sumi, Bamboo Charcoal, Black ( Luxury Brands Noodler's Bottle 3 Ounce Refill Baystate, Blue (). Of course, fountain pens didn't exist at that time, so it seems probable The good news: some water-based inks such as the German standard. My Five Best Fountain Pen Inks for Everyday Writing I now count 10 readily available brands of fountain pen ink in my desk drawer alone. best fountain pen ink brands I have to get another sample of the Pelikan Blue-Black — it keeps getting mentioned! So we left it at. Each of the listed brands will have multiple champions in this forum and all that will be established is what someone's "favorite" is, not what the "best" is. Monteverde Documental Ink Bottle 90ml black blue. Ink must dry quickly or be smeared all jack garner actor the page!


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